Christmas in Spring- New Short Film “Silent Night”

I really tried to keep my Christmas tree and all the decoration as long as possible this year, but in the middle of January I just couldn´t look at it anymore and had to get rid of it. Four weeks later I bought an artificial Christmas tree and started decorating again.

Don´t worry, I haven´t lost my mind, I just started preparing the shoot of my new short film “Silent Night”, which is set at Christmas.

It´s a psychological drama about a Christmas Eve that takes a different turn. One could also call it a dangerous love triangle that shows that one lie aways leads to another.

It all started with one scene I had written a while ago just for fun. I kind of liked it and thought I should try to write a few more scenes. It turned out to be a script for a short film that I called “Silent Night”. When I found the actor for the main part “Finn” (played by Dirk Sikorski), we put the finishing touch on our story and finally talented actor and musical star Franz Frickel joined to play “Jens”.  The film was shot in only two days and I started editing it right after.

At the moment a Norwegian music composer and producer team (Oeyvind Harv, Morten Rognskog, Annema Langmoen) is working on the soundtrack of “Silent Night” and I can tell you it all sounds very good so far! I will keep you updated!

“Silent Night” Team:

Franz Frickel:

Dirk Sikorski:

Morten Rognskog:

Oeyvind Harv

Annema Langmoen

DOP: Amber Palmer

Sound: Luis Ceritelli

Production Coordinator: Sylvia Pollow

Writer/ Director/ Editor: Natalie MacMahon

Silent_night_team_photo copy

Christmas in Spring- New Short Film “Silent Night”

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