“The Secret of Berlin”- A new web series shot in Berlin

As I told you in my first blog post: last year I discovered my passion for web series and shot my very first web series ever called “The Secret of Berlin”. It´s a mystery time travelling drama series set in the 1920´s in Berlin.


Now you might be thinking, time travelling, 1920´s, drama and also mystery? What is she talking about? And you are right, it´s a mixture of different genres and ideas. Why? Because I have just put everything into this web series that I like without thinking about if anyone else might like it.

And that´s also what makes this web series so special. I have started working on it, because I was in the mood for it. Just doing it without thinking about it too much. I really enjoyed that and it was worth it if I think about all the fun shooting days we have had and the fantastic people I met during the production.

Now all eight episodes are ready to be watched and I have good news for you: they will all be published on the same day. So if you like them, you don´t have to wait to watch the next episode. Let´s be honest, no one likes waiting. Life is too short, just enjoy them all at once.

The online premiere is on June 28th on vimeo!

The last Sunday of this month! Yes, it´s a Sunday, so you will have enough time to watch all episodes.

Here´s the trailer for you to give you an idea what to expect:

I would like to thank everyone involved! You have been fantastic and I hope to be working with all of you again!

CAST: Thomas Giegerich, Alexander Abramyan, Sohia Lierenfeld, Simson Bubbel, Mark Windsor, Clara Sonntag, Patricia Ajayi, Felix Zühlke

Camera: Kosmas Kokkaris, Amber Palmer

Sound: Mauro Franzen, Marc Hönninger

Set Coordinator: Sylvia Pollow

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“The Secret of Berlin”- A new web series shot in Berlin

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