“The Man Who Couldn’t Cry” to premiere at Sydney Indie Film Fest

“The Man Who Couldn’t Cry” is a modern day fairy tale in black and white that tells the story of a man (Eamon) who never shed a tear in his life. Having watched other people cry, he realises that he is different than everybody else. Eamon is fascinated by people who are able to show their emotions and doesn’t just record them crying with his camera, but also collects their tears in test tubes. When he meets Emily, a young woman who can’t stop crying, he overcomes his shyness and invites her to stay with him. Two strangers, who couldn’t be more different from each other, share an intense time together that changes their lives forever.


Just like the main character I have always been interested in tears, people crying, what makes us cry and what happens with us and our bodies when we cry. Don’t worry, unlike him I’m not collecting tears of strangers.

Most people don’t like crying, especially not in public, we try to suppress it, but then when it happens, we know that we needed to cry to feel better. It’s like running a marathon, while running we are struggling, but afterwards it feels like we are born again. OK, I have to admit I have never run a marathon, but I cried more than once…so many times…I guess you can’t go through acting school without becoming an expert in crying. And I run…sometimes…just not a marathon. But it seems like a good comparison.

Most people weep easily, but I wondered if there are people that just can’t cry. Crying is such a uniquely human trait. The situations that make us cry are often the ones we remember most. It shows we are sensitive to things we encounter in our lives and, in that way, it is important for survival. But what does someone feel like who can’t cry?

That’s how the idea for the film developed. I had the image of someone collecting tears with a test tube in my head as well as the question “what is life like for someone who can’t cry?”.

Watch the Trailer here:

For the main character Eamon I had the actor Stephen Patrick Hanna in mind and luckily he agreed to be part of the film. If you want to find out more about Stephen and his work, please check out the following sites:



And I thought the narrator voice had to be fantastic musician and actor Mark Windsor. Here’s a link to his site:



I also want to thank our talented cinematographer Tom Davies:


and of course Mauro Franzen who recorded the sound.

A special thanks goes to Robert Delaney who composed beautiful music for our film:


and Sylvia Pollow who supported everyone during the shoot and most importantly made us laugh!

Don’t forget to follow “The Man Who Couldn’t Cry” on Facebook:


and even better, go to watch it at Sydney Indie Film Fest!


The_Man_Who_Image_Still7 The_Man_Who_Image_Still6 The_Man_Who_Image_Still5 The_Man_Who_Image_Still4

written by Natalie MacMahon (writer & director of “The Man Who Couldn’t Cry”)


“The Man Who Couldn’t Cry” to premiere at Sydney Indie Film Fest

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