2016-Off to a good start!!!

Happy New Year! 2016 sounds very futuristic to me. I once worked on a film that was supposed to be set in the future- back then the future was 2017- which feels a bit weird now that 2016 has started!

Anyway I hope you had a great New Years Eve! Well, I really can’t complain…


Usually my New Years resolution is always that the New Year should even be better than the old one. So far it worked pretty well, so I’m going to stick with it! 2015 has been pretty good, so I really can’t wait for 2016 to start!

And it starts well already! My web series “The Secret of Berlin” which has just been show at the Miami Independent Film Festival is now part of the “TOFF- The Online Film Festival” and you can vote for it right here:



My new film ” Like A Summer Sonata” will premiere this year at an international festival! Where? Well, that’s still a secret, but the trailer will be shown at the “Barcelona Planet Film Festival”!

“The Man Who Couldn’t Cry” will also be shown at more festivals this year starting with the “Hong Kong Art house Film Festival”, the “Meters International Film Festival”, the “Blow Up Art house International Film Festival” and it just got an honourable mention at the “Canada Shorts Film Festival”.

And because 2016 is even going to be better than 2015, there is more to come…another short film I worked on last year “The Strangest Thing That Happened To Two Strangers” is almost finished and “Silent Night” will have it’s premiere in 2016 as well. My mini series “Senses” will have an online premiere this summer and at the moment I’m preparing a new film called “Lola wants to see the sea”. Stay tuned for many exciting news in 2016!

It keeps getting better!


2016-Off to a good start!!!

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