New Short Film “Lola Wants To See The Sea”

“Lola” likes to get into cars with strangers- to get away, to take a risk and do something unexpected, dangerous and exciting. Every time “Lola” meets someone new, she makes up a story and identity, but most of the time, she calls herself “Lola” and tells them that she wants to see the sea. Hitchhiking has become her hobby and taking a risk her passion. “Lola” likes to meet strangers or does she really just want to get to know herself? She doesn’t know, she doesn’t even know who she really is.

“Lola wants to see the sea” was only shoot three weeks ago and is already finished and ready to hit the festivals! I had an idea in mind- a story of a girl who likes hitchhiking for different reasons, but mainly to get to know herself. I knew she would be called “Lola” and I knew that her world looks abstract, not very realistic, which is why I used projections as a background. These projections also represent the possibility that everything could just be in her imagination- maybe she made up the whole story- maybe not. It’s up to the audience to find their own interpretation. The sea has a symbolic aspect for me. It represents her longing for something that isn’t there and the constant sound of rain is symbolic for her sadness that she can’t explain.

“Lola wants to see the sea” is a melancholic, experimental drama, which describes an internal conflict of a young woman in only five minutes. With the help of the music of experienced musician Jamie St. Clair it became the story I had in mind- a little melancholic story with a lot of meaning and different possible interpretations.

I’m looking forward to sharing my new film with a big international audience and can’t wait to find out where “Lola” is going to premiere! If you are curious as well, don’t forget to follow “Lola” on Facebook:


“Lola wants to see the sea” has already been selected for the “North American Film Awards” 2016!



New Short Film “Lola Wants To See The Sea”

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