CANNES- here I come!

Cannes is calling! I will be in Cannes in two days thanks to my short film “Like A Summer Sonata”, which is part of the Cannes Short Film Corner 2016.

I thought before I step on the plane, it is a good time to recap the last few months and more importantly to take a sneak peak into the future- because there is a lot more to come!

“The Man Who Couldn’t Cry” was my first short and has been shown at numerous International film festivals in the last few months:

  • Sydney Indie Film Fest
    World Premiere
    Nomination Best Female and Male Lead
  • Los Angeles Cine Fest
  • Roma Cinema Doc Film Fest
  • Blow UP Arthouse Film Fest Chicago
  • Texas Ultimate Short Festival
    Winner “Best Of Festival”, Nomination Best Drama Short
  • Indie Film Fest Switzerland
  • Special Mention at Snowdance Independent Film Festival
  • Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival
  • Canada Shorts Film Festival
    Honorable Mention
  • The Royal Film Festival
  • Top Indie Film Awards 2016
    Best Actor, Nomination Best Short, Nomination Best Director
  • Staunton International Film Festival
  • London Shows International Film Festival
    At the same time my web series “The Secret of Berlin” was released and screened at the following festivals:
  • Miami Independent Film Festival
    World Premiere
  • TOFF- The Online Film Festival
    Best Web Series Award
  • IOWF- International Online Web Fest
  • Unrestricted Film Festival London

    In early 2016 my second short film “Like A Summer Sonata” was finished and selected to be part of the “Cannes Short Film Corner”. It will also be screened at the following festivals in 2016:

  • New York State International Film Festival
  • Venice Film Week
  • Headline International Film Festival
  • Toronto Film Week
  • New York Film Week    ….more to come….

Don’t forget to check out the official website of “Like A Summer Sonata”:

Also “Lola wants to see the sea”, an experimental short film, which was shot and edited in one week only, is ready to hit the festivals and has just been selected for the “North American Film Awards 2016”.

And finally my first drama short with comedic elements “The Strangest Thing That Happened To Two Strangers”, which was shot in 2015 has been finished editing just a few days ago and I’m looking forward to find out where it is going to premiere.

Right now I’m working on a mini series called “Senses” which will be released online this year and I started preparations for my first feature film. As I mentioned before there is still a lot to come! Stay tuned for the next blog post about my adventures at the Cannes Film Festival!


For any questions or inquiries about the films, just send a message to:

And follow me on Vimeo:


or Facebook:

Looking forward to hearing from you or even better meeting you in Cannes!

And make sure you check out the Cannes edition of the “Daazo” magazine for European Independent films, which features “Like A Summer Sonata”:


CANNES- here I come!

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