The summer film festival season has begun!

What a great festival week this is with two of my films being shown at three different festivals in three different countries!

“The Man Who Couldn’t Cry” still travels the world and stops off in London for the “London Shows International Film Festival”, next stop the “Swedish International Film Festival”, soon after the “Staunton International Film Festival” and  not to forgot the “Genre Celebration Festival.

And also my second film “Like A Summer Sonata” begins its journey after a successful premiere at the “Cannes Short Film Corner”. It will have its American premiere at the “New York State International Film Festival” and a few days after the Australian premiere will follow at the “Melbourne Indie Film Festival” and it will also be screened at the “Miami Independent Film Festival” in August!

And this is only the beginning of this year’s summer festival season: the “Venice Film Week”, the “New York Film Week”as well as the “Headline International Film Festival” and the “Toronto Film Week” are also coming up featuring my second film…more to come…


My first web series “The Secret of Berlin” has been successful as well and after it won the “Best Web Series Award” at the “TOFF- The Online Film Festival” earlier this year, another “Best Web Series Award” followed at the “DMOFF Film Festival” along with an “Honorable Mention Award” at the “Amarcord Arthouse Television and Video Fest”!

While my first two short films seem to enjoy travelling the word, I almost finished my mini-series called “Senses”, which will be released online later this year.


And of course I have already started working on a new film project….stay tuned for my next blog post to find out more and  in the meantime have a look at this interview about “Like A Summer Sonata”, which was featured on

Thanks again to for featuring my second short film!

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The summer film festival season has begun!

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