“SENSES”- a mini series to be released on September 1st!

Three different people who live in the same building have one thing in common- they are all loners caught in their very own world- relying on the routine of their every day lives. But what happens when that routine stops? Are they able to cope or does their world fall apart completely?

Anna, Martin and Leander experience life through different senses. To each of them one sense is especially important.

Anna, a theatre actress, starts an involuntary relationship with a stranger who makes her experience different sensations in her imagination while Leander can’t wait for the days to go by, so he can close his Antiques store and hurry home to listen to his neighbour play the guitar when he is having dinner. Martin, the third character, keeps going to the same restaurant for lunch every day, ordering exactly the same dish until one day he is forced to make a small change, which seems to have a big impact on his life.

“Senses” is a mini series, that consists of three different episodes and will be released online on September 1st!

In the meantime you can watch the trailer here:


And don’t forget to follow “Senses” on Facebook for more updates:




“SENSES”- a mini series to be released on September 1st!

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