NEW SHORT FILM “It’s getting darker every day”

In a world where light has become a luxury, a young woman who has been living in the darkness for the last couple of years, faces the last minutes before she is going to see the daylight again.

ALINA a young hard working woman, feels like she has won the lottery, because today it’s her turn to leave the darkness for one whole day. While waiting to be picked up to start her adventure, she has mixed feelings about it and can’t decide wether she should be the happiest person in the world or if it would be better to continue living without this experience, that could change her life forever.

“It’s getting darker every day” is a short science fiction drama that leaves a lot of room for different interpretations and makes the audience constantly wonder what has really happened and what is going to happen. Has “Alina” gone crazy yet? Why is she on her own? And what about that baby that we never see, but keep hearing? Is it all in her head?

While trying to figure out her world, we experience the same as she does, the constant sensation of darkness and the only source of light Alina has: a match that only provides her with enough light for a few seconds at a time.

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NEW SHORT FILM “It’s getting darker every day”

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