Meet me in Cannes!

Finally, I’m on the way to Cannes- better late than never! So everyone who is still there and wants to meet up, send me a message and let’s enjoy the sun together or even better, let’s walk the red carpet and talk about our exciting new film projects!


When it comes to new projects, I have a lot to talk about!

Soon my Esperanto film “A Universal Love Story”  as well as my brand new sci-fi drama “It’s getting darker every day” are going to premiere at two big international film festivals.

“A Universal Love Story” was featured in the Berlinale edition of German Quarterly:

And “It’s getting darker every day” is currently part of the Cannes edition:

I’m also taking part at the Danny Elfman film competition with my film “Minus Degrees”, check it out here:

And in Cannes I’m going to start working on my new short film “The Red Head” as well as my first feature “Hot Scary Summer”…as I have already mentioned, there is a lot to talk about it…looking forward to seeing you all in Cannes!

Meet me in Cannes!

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