Aven likes to take off his mind by spending his free time in a virtual reality game, which is set in a mysterious, seductive and ambiguous world. This fantasy world is the perfect contrast to his rather boring every-day life, that is determined by a monotonous callcenter job.


Soon this game threatens to take over his life and Aven gets obsessed with a mysterious red-haired woman. What started as a game, eventually becomes bitter reality, where boundaries are non-existent. Has this game become reality or is reality nothing more than a game?



“The Redhead” is a mystery thriller with a virtual reality theme written & directed by Natalie MacMahon, starring: 

Joey Jordan
Autumn Bartholetti
Myra Eetgerink
Nicole A. Zalewska
Inken Paland
Christian Müller
Recardo Koppe
Natalie MacMahon
Anna Maria Hadorn

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