Natalie goes to CANNES!!!

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yesshecannesNatalie MacMahon
Founder of the Female Filmmakers Festival Berlin- FFFB
#femalefilmmakersfestival / #fffb

Natalie will be attending Cannes to pitch the script of her feature film “Hot Scary Summer” and to promote her new film festival for female filmmakers called the “The Female Filmmakers Festival Berlin” (FFFB). Natalie MacMahon attended Film Acting School in Berlin. She went on to write her first script for the short film “The Man Who Couldn’t Cry”, which has been screened at numerous international film festivals. She followed this with her film noir style short films “Like A Summer Sonata” and “Lola wants to see the sea”, which were equally successful.
In 2017, Natalie released “It’s getting darker every day”, a dark sci-fi drama set in the future, as well as her melancholic Esperanto short “A Universal Love Story”. The young director just finished her sci-fi genre mix “The Redhead” and has started working on her first feature film script. Alongside her work as a screenwriter and director, Natalie continues to work as an experienced actress, presenter and translator.

Natalie goes to CANNES!!!

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