“Skeleton Tiger” is ready for festivals!

“Skeleton Tiger” is a a brand new sci-fi drama written & directed by Natalie MacMahon.

In the near future eating meat has become a crime and one gets punished by being put in a cage just like an animal in a zoo. Once a year, when the most important public holiday, “Skeleton Tiger Day” is celebrated, one lucky contestant of a live show gets the chance to change his fate, but he must convince the audience, which turns out to be a challenge.

Watch the trailer here:



DOP Adrian Anghern
Sound Francesco Salvadori
Styling Lesia Vasilets
Jared Ethan Blake
Alec Rosenthal
Otari Aptsiauri
Natalie MacMahon
Franco Toledo
Nina(Chizuru Yamauchi)
Marco Scarpati

“Skeleton Tiger” is ready for festivals!

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